NLF Update 6/1

It has been a spring of extremes. We had moved from one of the coldest winters on record into one of the driest springs. Our first real rain in over a month has turned into a series of heavy downpours. Normally we might be concerned about receiving several inches of rain in a matter of days but we are still relieved to see our parched soils taking in water. It is a pleasure to feel the cool drops on our heads,  to watch the small seedlings of celery or eggplants get watered in without our labor, a pump, and a series of complex tubing.

This year, our farm is split in two. We continue to grow on a plot of leased land that we have used in the past and we are slowing turning the field at our new farm into usable swaths of planting space.

The rental land is covered in our springs crops. Rows of onions poke sharply up, electric green. White ripples of fabric protect our salad mix and boc choy. Carrot fronds grow in scattered patches while trellised peas begin to flower.


Our home farm is lined with potatoes, with tomatoes, Sunflowers and Zinnias.  There are rows of Kale and Collards that will be picked all season long and apple trees that are a true experiment for us. Everything is growing.

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